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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Casting a vote for a write-in candidate

On an optical scan ballot:

  • Write the name of the write-in candidate on the line provided in a particular race.
  • Mark the corresponding arrow

No other votes can be cast in a race where a write-in vote was cast. This would result in an overvote and no votes would be counted in that race.

On a touch-screen machine:

  • Press the “write-in” box at the bottom of the list of candidates. A keyboard will appear.
  • Type a name using the letters on the keyboard and space key to separate the first and last name.
  • When finished, press “OK.”

No other votes can be cast in a race where a write-in vote was cast.

Validity of write-in votes

Complete accuracy of a write-in candidate’s name is not necessary as long as the election judges can determine a voter’s intent to select a specific write-in candidate. There should be some relationship between the appearance or sound of the name written or printed on the ballot and that of the write-in candidate’s actual name.

If there is a dispute, a majority of the election judges must agree as to the intent of the voter. If a majority agreement among the election judges cannot be reached, the write-in vote will not be counted.

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